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What is ThingsPad

ThingsPad (Things Pad) is a robust and scalable Platform-as-a-Service designed for data visualization and device management. Connect devices using a variety of protocols, including HTTP, MQTT, CoAP, SNMP, and LwM2M. Build workflows that respond to events using the Rule Engine
Create digital duplicates of tangible assets, allowing for real-time visualization and control using Digital Twin and visualize in ThingsPad Dashboard

Device Management and Data Processing


Digital Twins


Smart Scaling



Devices handled continuously


Messages per second published


Industry-standard protocols supported


Tailored solution templates available


Customizable widget bundles


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Device Management &
Data Processing

  • Provision and manage devices, schedule events and generate reports

  • LwM2M, MQTT, HTTP, CoAP, OPC-UA protocols and OTA updates supported

  • Connect devices securely using 4G LTE, LTE CAT M1/NB, LoRa, Wi-Fi and BLE
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  • Build user-friendly dashboards with customizable widgets with minimum coding

  • Create correlations using various filtering options and create user-specific rules

  • Get timely alerts with alarm rules and address your issues swiftly
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  • View devices remotely with Digital Twins and explore AI-Powered Analytics

  • Store data seamlessly in PostgreSQL, and Cassandra databases

  • Suuports Kafka, RabbitMQ and Amazon SQS for reliable data transfer
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  • Control user permissions and secure information with role-based access control (RBAC)

  • Safeguard your account using Two-Factor Authentication and OAuth 2 Support

  • Track actions of customers and users using audit logs
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  • Horizontally scalable platform that can handle thousands of devices with ease

  • Deploy ThingsPad on-premise or on cloud according to your requirements

  • Install the platform in monolithic or microservices mode based on usage scenarios

Digital Twin

Integrate Digital Twins in ThingsPad using our in-house digital twin platform

Real-Time Insights Monitor and simulate physical entities in real-time, empowering proactive decision-making ‚Äč
Predictive Maintenance Utilize digital twins for continuous data analysis, preventing equipment failures and optimizing maintenance schedules
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Remote Troubleshooting Tackle issues from afar without physical interaction, ensuring efficient problem resolution
Optimized Operations Experience the benefits of seamless integration, reducing downtime and maximizing asset performance

Industries we cover


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Construction, Oil & Gas

Transport & Logistics

IT & Telecom