About Us

We are a deep tech startup specializing in Digital Twin, IoT, AI, and 3D spatial technologies with an AI-first approach. Our team, comprising young, dynamic, and passionate developers, focuses on innovation, speed, and excellence.

Our core initiative is to develop a 3D Digital Twin platform—an advanced B2B PaaS application empowering enterprises with integrated IoT, 3D, and AI-powered analytics for enhanced visualization and data-driven decision-making.

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Empowering Innovation and unleashing the power of Digital Twin, IoT, 3D and AI

Our focus is on creating versatile products and services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of our valued customers







Industries we serve in

We serve diverse customers across industries, offering solutions for operations of all scales
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We build Products and Solutions

We specialize in developing platforms and solutions that facilitate the delivery of Digital Twins, IoT and AI innovations to improve our clients' businesses.
Our vision is to enhance customers' Digital Transformation journeys by harnessing the power of the latest emerging technologies. By fostering agility and efficiency, we strive to elevate industrial environments and business strategies, enabling peak efficiency in the global marketplace.


3D Digital Twin PaaS platform integrating IoT, 3D, and AI-powered Analytics subsystems


Customizable and scalable AI-powered solutions for diverse industries


Consulting, custom development and seamless system integration