Leverage cutting-edge IoT using ThingsPad IoT platform's seamless device integration and asset management, robust analytics, and impressive dashboards.


Enhance manufacturing efficiency and seamlessly import digital twins for real-time monitoring. Acquire key performance indicators and implement predictive maintenance strategies for optimized performance
Digital twins
Alarms and notifications
Asset management

Energy & Utilities

Monitor energy utilization, predict faults, and reduce carbon footprints using ThingsPad. View and set alarms on fault detection and facilitate efficient management of resources
Smart metering
Fault detection
Save energy
Predictive maintenance

Construction, Oil & Gas

Visualize and monitor your operations with precision and ease. Achieve operational safety and performance by leveraging sensor data analytics to predict equipment failures
Real-time dashboards
Operational Safety
Digital Twins
Quality Control

Transport & Logistics

Get real-time insights for optimizing warehouse operations and streamlining processes. Track shipments, monitor inventory, and enhance supply chain visibility to make well-informed decisions with predictive maintenance
Fleet management
OTA updates
Scalable infrastructure
Tracking and analytics

IT & Telecom

Optimize your data center infrastructure with anomaly detection and custom rules using rule engines. Monitor resource utilization for maximum power savings and optimal efficiency
Resource optimization
Anomaly detection
Alarms and notifications
Asset management